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EFI Live Products and Accessories

EFI Live is a revolutionary new tuning tool for the duramax engine. The data logging features allow us to record and look at data in great detail. The tuning tool lets us program the fueling and other parameters any way we desire. This is all done using a computer to look at and change the maps and tables that are stored in our truck's ECM. With the latest release we can change between 5 different tunes on the fly, use a valet mode, staging mode, real time variable pulse width control, change transmission shift points, manually control gear selection and much much more.

Free Shipping on all EFI Live Orders!
Free tune with purchase! Your choice of power level.

DSP2 & DSP5 Upgrade Instructions (PDF)
EFI Live Latest Version Download Here

LB7 & LLY ECM pins available upon request.

An alternative to buying your own copy of EFI Live, Crank It Up Diesel offers custom tuning for your vehicle......Click for more info.

DSP5 Switch kit
Used to select 5 positions tunes made with EFI Live. Specify LB7 or LLY.