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2006 Climax

This was the first purpose built pulling truck built at the beginning of the 2006 season. It has ran compound turbos, 3" turbos, back to compounds, back to 3", unlimited single. It's done a lot in it's life. It was bought in January 2006 as a 2 wheel drive dually with 236,000 miles and wasn't in the best shape. It was converted to IFS 4x4 that year, along with a standard bed, and a new engine and transmission. In 2007 it received a new front clip, a Dana 60 front axle and a narrowed rear axle allowing the dual rear wheels to fit within the single bed wheel wells. It then was converted to 2006 electronics and ran a LBZ based engine. It was setup with different transfer cases, finally ending up with an SCS. The pictures directly below show how it was set up right before it was sold in 2011.

It's had lots of accomplishments as well as a lot of learning experiances. It's made over 30 wins and dominated the COTPC Points the last year it ran the circit. If you've looked at the videos in the video section or on YouTube, You've probably seen it in action!


Older Pictures


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