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History of Crank It Up Diesel

Where do I start..... I bought a Charcoal Metallic 2003 Chevrolet Crew Cab Short Bed 2500HD Duramax Diesel truck in August of 2003. I was a was a college student between my freshman and sophmore year. Not your typical college student as I worked more than doing what a student should be doing like say.....studying. It was nice to have the ability to get good grades while still spending all my time working weather it was on the farm, over the road trucking, even driving an OSU campus bus, and eventually working on customer's trucks.

2003 didn't involve too much with my 03. At 52 miles on the truck it got a 5" exhaust, by 275 miles on the truck A TST Fuel Module, and at 450 miles on the truck, It's first sled pull. Later on you will see while the 03 is a truck I'm pretty attached to. That season ended up with the addition of one of the once famous crude "quad 215" programer and about 14 more truck pulls.

2004 brought some more exciting things. By 10,000 miles on the truck in the spring of 2004, the stock transmission was done, very done. It was built up with the best ATS parts available at the time. Triple-Lok Converter, Co-Pilot, Clutches, etc. Also added 60% over extrude honed nozzles at that time from who knows where. After the transmissmission was built it worked flawlessly, it let me abuse the motor even more. Early summer led into changing both headgaskets, another headgasket, injector cups, really fun stuff like that. August came around and still having coolent pressure issues, I decided to pull the motor. Didn't go to bad, (Truck as 12-13,000 miles on it). Fixed the injector cup issue once and for all and then thoughts started going though my head. What can I do while the motor is out. A bigger turbo of course! I fabbed up an adapter(now refered to as a pedistal). Mounted a 3" HOLSET from EEP/CDS it seemed to be the hot ticket on the cummins motors at the time. I fabed up all the other components to make it work and wow what a test drive, another 100-150HP was quite a difference! Got this all done just in time to make it to SDX 2004 in Terre Haute, IN and placed 3rd in the pro stock class 1 foot behind the top cummins that season.

If you are thinking 3" turbo on a Duramax in 2004, really? Your right, it was the first one, aftermarket turbo of any kind for that matter. Stock cp3, 60% nozzles, It was lean and mean making hardly any smoke. This was also more than a year before EFI Live was released and no one has heard of twin cp3's, billet connecting rods, or custom tuning. Duramax trucks were brand new and making a heck of a stir in the cummins dominated sport of truck pulling, Duramax trucks with stock turbos! This run with a 3" turbo got some serious attention. The remainder of the 2004 season was spent trying higher stall converters, and eventually a smaller s300 based turbo for winter. That winter my crankshaft broke right in half on the Lane Ave. bridge driving home from my bus driving job at OSU in the middle of the night.


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